MARKET REPORT FOR TUESDAY 18th SEPTEMBER 2018 THIS WEEK’S RESULTS DAIRY CATTLE (12)                     Top Price   £1550 (Cow)   £1420 ( Heifer)                  BARREN COWS/OTM’S (29)        Top Price   £1115.92          Ave   £100pp/kg SPRING LAMBS (1000)                  Top Price   £100.00             Ave   £166ppk CULL EWES & RAMS (478)         Top Price   £36.85 (Ewe)   £91.00 (Ram)        CALVES (95)                                                Top Price   £342 (Bulls)     £260 (Heifers) STORE SHEEP   (1091)                   Top Price   £152 (Ewe)       THE NEXT CATALOGUE SALE OF WEANLINGS, COWS & CALVES, YOUNG BULLS 240 HEAD, include a large proportion of Angus and Hereford Cattle Will be held on TUESDAY 25TH SEPTEMBER 2018   THE NEXT CATALOGUE SALE OF 360 STORE CATTLE Will Be Held On THURSDAY 27TH SEPTEMBER 2018   THE NEXT CATALOGUE SALE OF BREEDING SHEEP Will Be Held On Tuesday 2nd October 2018 Entries close Wednesday 26th September 2018    FARM DISPERSAL SALES 21ST SEPTEMBER 2018    BRYN KILALT HOME FARM, CHIRK 12TH OCTOBER     2018    BERWICK ESTATE, SHREWSBURY     Market Staff Required Droving and Sheep Scanning Staff required   Please enquire to Jonny Dymond 07803 412617   DAIRY CATTLE (12) Auctioneer:  Jonny Dymond A few more Dairy Cattle about this week, with a busy ringside of buyer in attendance from all across the region making for strong trade throughout.  Top seller for the day was a 2nd Calf Cow CRACKING ZENITH NELLIE giving 42kg this Cow met strong bidding from the offset eventually selling for £1550 selling to Gareth Jones, Habberley. Another powerful Cow from the CRACKING HERD achieved £1300.  A nice sample of Heifers today from Rob Carr’s Iford Herd saw 3 well balanced medium sized Heifers sell from £1280-£1420 for an Alaotasilver daughter who was giving 32kg.  In Calf Heifers from the HILLSUMMER HERD of Messrs R H Fowler & Son Ltd sold to £1150 for those spring to calf while a Heifer due in February sold for £860.   MORE DAIRY NEXT WEEK AGAIN PLEASE TO MEET OUR BUSY RINGSIDE.  Dairy cow N/Calved Fries     4mo     £1550.00         CSA Brassington Fries     47mo   £1300.00         CSA Brassington Dairy Heifer N/Calve Fries     32mo     £1420.00       B & EI Carr Fries     33mo     £1400.00       B & EI Carr Fries     35mo     £1380.00       CSA Brassington  Dairy Heifer in Calf Fries     38mo   £1150.00         R Fowler & Sons Fries     29mo   £1000.00         R Fowler & Sons Fries     28mo   £920.00           R Fowler & Sons   BARREN COWS/OTM’S (29) Auctioneer   Jonny Dymond Top £1115.92 or 148ppk Ave £592 or 100ppk Numbers a bit tighter than last week, the trade remaining very similar with the heavy weight plainer steaking Cows perhaps 5p per kilo dearer. On the whole there remains a very competitive ringside at Shrewsbury for every weight and grade. The Sucklers raced away to 148ppkg for a Non FA Limousin from JA Barnes of Banks Head, others from the same home 136p or £901.74. Farm Assured sucklers also to 136p (£907.40) for a Simmental x.   Dairy Cows were a very lean show, a sign of the fodder times the good meated cows sold to 140p (£866.88) for a Foreign Montbelliarde Cow from J Meddins & Co, Churchstoke. Top in the lump was again from James £901.74,  133ppk for a 38mo Holstein Cow.   Plain heavy Cows were often 86-98p with lightweight and very plain Cows less selling from 69ppkg.   We have the customers for all in Shrewsbury if you are try your Cows elsewhere consider the strength of our feeding buyers who are after Cows for further finishing, just because you have finished with them may not mean they are finished!!!   REMEMBER IF YOUR TB FREE YOU DO NOT NEED TO TB TEST YOUR COWS TO BRING THEM TO MARKET!!   NOW THE TRADE IS BOUNCING BACK IF YOU HAVE COWS TO SELL DO NOT HEISTATE TO DROP SOME IN THE PLACE WHERE YOU GET ALL YOUR WEIGHT!!   BARREN COWS Lim x   94mo   754kg  £1115.92 Sim x   71mo   698kg    £907.40 Fries     37mo   678kg    £901.74   SPRING LAMBS (100) Auctioneer:  James Evans Overall Average:  166pp/kg An increased entry on last week, but still no real numbers and the trade is weak with no go in any of the meat companies. They will take the Lambs at a price, but they are all trying to get them around 160p/kilo mark. Standard weight Lambs (32 -39 kgs) averaged 166.43 p/kilo and sold to a top price of 183p/kilo (£65.80) for 36kg Lambs presented by Mr C G Hall.   Medium weights (39 - 45 kgs) sold to average 166.09p/kilo, with a top price of 174p/kilo (£76) for 43.5 kilos from Mr M S I Pinches. Heavy weights (45 -52 kgs) sold to an average of £166p/kilo with a top price of 177p/kilo (£85) from M/s CE & H Hanselman.   Over 52 kilos sold to average 160p/kilo with a top price of 174p/kilo (£94) from MR J P Bebb. The top priced Lamb in the Market was an impressive £100 for a 60 kilo Lamb presented by M/s W G Richards & Co. The demand is noticeably better for Lambs with meat and there is an increasingly two tier market between those with meat and those without.   MORE LAMBS FOR NEXT WEEK PLEASE!   25.5-32kgs 32.0kgs                 169ppk      £54.00  J R Ford & Daughter 28.5kgs     156ppk     £44.50   M J Betton   32.1-39kgs 36.0kgs                 183ppk     £66.00   C G Hall 38.5kgs                 177ppk     £68.00   P C Dudleston 37.5kgs                 176ppk     £66.00   A W Jones   39.4-45.5kgs 43.5kgs                 174ppk     £75.50   M S I Pinches 40.5kgs                 173ppk     £70.00   A G & R J Price & Son 40.5kgs                 172ppk     £69.50   K N Dodd   45.6-52kgs 48.0kgs                 177ppk     £85.00   C E & H Hanselman 47.5kgs                 172ppk     £81.50   J Hotchkiss & Son 49.0kgs                 171ppk     £83.80   D A & J M Embrey   52+kgs 54.0kgs     174ppk     £94.00   J P Bebb 60.0kgs                 167ppk  £100.00    W G Richards & Co 54.0kgs     167ppk     £90.00   W G Richards & Co     CULL EWES & RAMS (478)  Auctioneer:   Nick Griffiths There was a good entry of Cull Sheep this week with an increase in the amount of entries this week. Averages down on last week due to less quality entered, but with better meated sorts still holding their price well.   Plainer Sheep were the hardest to sell due to lack of buyer demand and fewer grazing buyers.   The top price of the day was presented by H Evans & Son for a pen of 3 Suffolks selling to £85 per head.   EWES   Ave £36.85 £85.00             H Evans & Son £80.00             L Thearle £80.00             WA & LV Gibb   RAMS   Ave £60.50 £91.00             G Davies ££82.00           G Davies £73.50             DF & MD Brassington      STORE SHEEP (1091) Auctioneer: Nick Griffiths A cracking entry this week with nearly 1200 entered overall. Plenty of buyers in the alleys with a few new faces this season. There were 350 Store Lambs forward selling to a high of £66 for Charollais from Mr G Briggs, Wood Farm with Gary Waters selling Texels to £65.80. Plenty of demand here with 90% of the Lambs over £53. It was good to see Dilwyn Richards back in the Market after several months with his Texel Tup Lambs selling to £45, we wish him well. Nearly 300 Ewe Lambs offered sold to a high of £88 for strong Suffolks from Alan Potter with Jim Parry selling two bunches of Texels to £80. A good run of Texels from SM Cook sold to £75.   Breeding Ewes saw an improvement in trade which was somewhat against the flow in recent weeks in several markets. Cheviot x Yearlings from AJ & SM Goodwin sold to £152 and again at £139 for some real quality with Texels to £140 from Ms Thelwell.   A cracking run of Suffolks from John Wright, Toot Hill sold to £136 and £128, with Scotch Mules to £121 from HT & WA Dyson. Overall a good solid trade with price representing quality.   Rams peaked at £385 for a cracking Charollais from Rob Gregory with Roger Hillage selling his usual stamp to a high of £365. Suffolks sold to £340 from Ms Wilson, Church Farm.   Our next sale takes place on 2nd October, entries invited.   Breeding Ewes £152.00           AJ & SM Goodwin £140.00           K Thelwell £139.00           AJ & SM Goodwin   Ewe Lambs £88.00             A Potter & Son £80.00             WJ Parry   Rams £385.00           RS & JA Gregory £365.00           SH Hillage & Sons x 3   PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THE ARAMS OFFICE HAVE RELOCATED BACK TO MILTON KEYNES         ANIMAL REPORTING & MOVEMENT SERVICE (ARAMS) PO BOX 6299 MILTON KEYNES MK10 1ZQ   CALVES (100) Auctioneer:  David Edwards Another fine entry today here at Shrewsbury with 100 odd through the ring. As always best Continental types were the talk of the day with a slightly better trade on the mediums too.   Top of the tree today was Mr Allsop with a cracking Blue to £342 whilst Messrs Jerman from Berriew weren’t far behind with another nice example at £318. Other Blues from the Wilsons of Leebotwood fetched £292. Lims from the Roberts of Ford sold to £272 with others from Mr Gunnery of Minsterley doing £248. Mr Crowther of Burlton had the only Sim on the day to £245. The Wigleys from Llandrinio would have been happy with £245 for their quality Angus, as would Mr Francis of Marton who sold a Hereford to £235. A belting Norweign Red out of a British Friesian from the Jones of Marton smashed through the £200 mark at £230 whilst the best Friesians from the Jones of Habberley sold very well to £92. Medium Friesians were at good trade to selling up to £70 and smalls up to £50.   The Roberts of Ford took poll position in the heifers with a cracking blue with sold on a fast trade to £260, whilst a Sim from Mr Lewis of Bowbrook made £255. Lims from Mr Crowther again were up to £250 whilst Angus’s from the Wigleys again sold well at £202. Mr Lloyd of Llandyssil maxed out at £180.   COULD ALL VENDORS PLEASE CHECK THAT                THE SEX AND BREED OF THEIR CALVES IS CORRECT WHEN APPLYING FOR PASSPORTS.   BULLS FRIESIAN (41) Ave £53.46 £92.00             DI Jones £87.00             NC & SJ Griffiths   BRITISH BLUE (12) Ave £230.58 £342.00           J Allsop & Sons £318.00           R & R Jerman £292.00           RJM & AJ Wilson   ABERDEEN ANGUS (1) Ave £245.00 £245.00           AR & AL Wigley     HEREFORD (4) Ave £194.25 £235.00           A & H Francis £190.00           JL Trow & Son   SIMMENTAL (4) Ave £157.50 £245.00           A & I Crowther £150.00           SK Lewis   LIMOUSIN (8) Ave £242.75 £295.00           RD Livestock £272.00           SE Roberts   CONTINENTAL (4) Ave £84.25 £230.00           JD Jones & Son £41.00             Ladyhouse Farm   HEIFERS   BRITISH BLUE (7) Ave £154.00 £260.00           SE Roberts £235.00           ER & RW Adams   ABERDEEN ANGUS (2) Ave £114.00 £202.00           AR & AL Wigley   LIMOUSIN X (6) Ave £206.83 £250.00           A & I Crowther £240.00           SE Roberts   HEREFORD X (2) Ave £142.50 £180.00           ME & GE Lloyd £105.00           A & H Francis   SIMMENTAL (1) Ave £214.00 £255.00           SK Lewis £212.00           SK Lewis                                 MOBILE MILL MIXING ROLLING OR GRINDING MOLASSES APPLIED IF REQUIRED AUGER OR PNEUMATIC DISCHARGE CALL GRAHAM DOWNES – 07970 555929 Please Like Us On Facebook Search for Halls Livestock and Machinery Sales for up to date News, Catalogues and Market Reports                          FARM ASSURANCE (FABBL) IT IS BECOMING INCREASINGLY IMPORTANT THAT ALL SLAUGHTER STOCK IS SOLD FROM FARM ASSURED HOLDINGS     LANYON BOWDLER MARKET OFFICE IS OPEN EVERY TUESDAY MORNING 10AM TO 12.30PM   If you have any legal questions or issues – farming related or not please pop along to the office for a chat. Alternatively, contact Susan Shanahan on 01743 280296             MARKET START TIMES   Calves 10.00 am David Edwards – 07944 630786 Stuart Richards – 07971 125524 ___________________________________________   Lambs/ Hoggets’ 10.00am James Evans, 07581 552438 _____________________________________________________   Beef Cattle & Barren Cows/OTM Cattle 12.00 NOON  or immediately following the Spring Lambs/Hoggets Jonny Dymond 07803 412617 ___________________________________   Dairy   11.15am Jonny Dymond 07803 412617 ____________________________________   Store Sheep 11.30am-12.00 Noon James Evans – 07581 552438 ______________________________________   Cull Ewes & Rams 15 minutes after the sale of Lambs Nick Griffiths 07748 306442 ________________________________________   Weanlings 12.30 pm David Edwards – 07944 630786 Jonny Dymond 07803 412617 _________________________________________   For information out of office hours Please contact Jonny Dymond 07803 412617 James Evans 07581 558438         150 BALES OF ROUND WHEAT STRAW FOR SALE CONTACT NICK GRIFFITHS 01743 462620        

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