SHREWSBURY AUCTION CENTRE                          Bowmen Way, Battlefield, Shrewsbury, SY4 3DR                             Tel: 01743 462620            Fax: 01743 442815 MARKET REPORT FOR TUESDAY 2ND OCTOBER 2018    DAIRY CATTLE (8) Auctioneer:  Jonny Dymond A strong trade in the Dairy ring today with a wealth of buyers for every price range. A strong 2nd calving cow from Rob Evans started the day at a good price selling for £1680 giving 34kg of milk. She was secured by Mike Oakley. At the other end of the spectrum was a ¾ cow which flew away to £980. Heifers rose to £1950 which was a fabulous trade for M Hughes of Criggion. A heifer from GAG Evans of Welshpool achieved £1450, while a power house from K Jones also hit £1400 An in-calf Heifer by Moet Melody from JR Owen sold for a pleasing £1100. Next week:  M Jones 2 Fresh Heifers R Evans 1 Fresh Heifer   Tuesday 16th October 30 Fresh calved Holstein Friesians & Montbeliardes Cows and Heifers form JR Jones & Co Burwarton   MORE DAIRY NEXT WEEK AGAIN PLEASE TO MEET OUR BUSY RINGSIDE.   Dairy cow N/Calved Fries 48mo £1680.00 RR & VI Evans Fries 43mo £980.00 GAG Evans & Son   Dairy Heifer N/Calve Fries 34mo   £1950.00 M & J & E Hughes Fries 36mo   £1450.00 GAG Evans & Son Fries 31mo   £1400.00 JKT Jones   BARREN COWS/OTM’S (25)  Auctioneer   Jonny Dymond To £1066.24 or 150ppk Ave £644.48 or 100ppk A two tier trade was witnessed for the Barren Cows today. Meated types raced away to 150ppk for a well shaped Limousin cow from G & R Slater grossing £954. Another from the same home hit 130ppk (£845). A big lump of a cow from KJ Randles weighing 896kg grossed £1066.24 or (119p) for a Hereford whilst a Welsh Black from B Joseph reached £1058.96 (124ppk) Meated Dairy Cows to £825.36 (114ppk) for DI & D Ellis of Oswestry who sold another for £845.82 or (111ppk) big steaky cows today ranged from 84ppk to 99ppk. A big difference for the lean and feeding Dairy Cows today from 50-72ppkg. These cows actually sold well with good competition.   MORE PLEASE, FARM ASSURED, NON ASSURED, BRITISH OR FOREIGN WE HAVE TRADE FOR THEM ALL.    REMEMBER IF YOUR TB FREE YOU DO NOT NEED TO TB TEST YOUR COWS TO BRING THEM TO MARKET!!    BARREN COWS Hfd x 65mo 896kg   £1066.24 W/bl 79mo 854kg   £1058.96 Lim x 55mo 636kg   £954.00 Fries 63mo 762kg   £845.82   PRIME CATTLE  Auctioneer: Jonny Dymond 3 wild Heifers today shook the ring side into life with loin and conformation taking the first to £1255.80 or 195ppk for GE Morris of Whitchurch   MORE NEEDED   SPRING LAMBS (900) Auctioneer:  James Evans Overall Average:  161pp/kg   A slightly increased number compared to last week, but the trade was down on last week with an overall average of 161p/kilo.   Standard weight lambs (32 – 39 kgs) averaged 160p/kilo and sold to a top price of 171p/kilo for 35kg lambs presented by Mr J E Phillips. Medium weight lambs (39 – 45 kgs) sold to an average of 161.59p/kilo and a top price of 188p/kilo for 42kg lambs presented by Mrs S Burnett. Standard weights (45 – 52 kgs) sold to an average of 159p/kilo and a top price of 170p/kilo from Mrs S Burnett. Heavy weight lambs (52 kgs and over) sold to an average of 154p/kilo with a top price of 160p/kilo from Mr M C Ellis. The top priced lamb in the market was 75 kilos and sold for £105 and was presented by M/s RE & CJ Davies. It’s the same old story with buyers wanting meat and quality and lean lambs are making a lot less.   KEEP THOSE NUMBERS COMING IN PLEASE! MORE LAMBS FOR NEXT WEEK PLEASE!   25.5-32kgs 31.0kgs     161ppk     £49.80 AJ Gardner       32.1-39kgs 38.0kgs      163ppk     £62.00 RG & PM Lewis 37.0kgs      162ppk     £60.00 JW Ellis o Ellis 35.0kgs      166ppk     £58.20 AJ Gardner   39.4-45.5kgs 42.0kgs      188ppk     £78.80 S Burnett 44.5kgs      171ppk     £76.00 MJ & RJ Lewis 45.0kgs      168ppk     £75.50 DB & ES Jones   45.6-52kgs 51.0kgs      170ppk     £85.00 S Burnett 52.0kgs      166ppk     £81.50 S Burnett   52+kgs 75.0kgs     153ppk     £105.00    RE & CJ Davies 62.5kg       159ppk     £94.50    HJ Sockett   CULL EWES & RAMS (600)   Auctioneer:   James Evans   A much-improved entry in terms of numbers this week, but a larger proportion of leaner/ poorer types and hence an overall average of £46.50 / head. There was great demand for big meat ewes with Texels selling to £144 from M/s RE & CJ Davies, as well as £104.50 and £102.50 from M/s JE & ME Heather. Grant Pink sold a Charollais X Ewe for £96.50 and Albrighton Estates recorded £95 (twice) for two pens of ewes. At the other end of the scale there were poor ewes at £2 to £10. There are people looking for grazing ewes and some looking for ewes correct in the udder to take on.   A small entry of rams with no stars on offer and an average of £63.80 and a top price of £80.20 from M/s PF & RE Griffiths. Not far behind was £80 from M/s J & AM Wild.     CULL EWES £144.00 RE & CJ Davies £104.50 JE & ME Heather £102.50 JE & ME Heather   RAMS £80.20 PF & RE Griffiths £80.00 J & AM Wild £76.00 R Holt   STORE SHEEP  Auctioneer   Nick Griffiths A great number of sheep forward this week with several late entries in addition to the catalogue. Over 500 store lambs sold to a respectable trade considering the prime lamb trade with RE & CJ Davies of Boycott Hall selling Tup lambs to £71 with SM Cook selling Tups also to £63.20. Good framed lambs sold to £60 form M Lloyd with longer keeping sorts £40-£50. We had 250 ewe lambs selling to a top price of £79 from E Davies, Red house Farm who had Texel x mules to £79 and £75.50 x 2. Suffolks form A Potter sold to £76 with Texels from J Parry to £74. Herdwickes sold to £45.50 for A Beckett. Quality breeding ewes were thin on the ground with the best from Mr Greaves, Hillcroft selling to £134 x 2  for North Country Mule yearlings. Other mules sold to £116 from D Manning with 2/3yo Suffolks to £113 from Mr Davies, Manor Farm. A good entry of over 50 breeding rams sold to £300 form JH Huckenhull for Texels with several around £280 with many breeds represented in this department. Our next catalogued sale takes place on 16th October, if you have any sheep to enter into the catalogue please get in touch. We will have plenty of buyers next Tuesday,  so if you have lambs or ewes bring them in!!   Breeding Ewes £134.00 GC & RE Greaves £134.00 GC & RE Greaves £116.00 DAJ Manning   Rams  £300.00 JH Hockenhull & Son £280.00 JH Hockenhull & Son £275.00 Brockton House Farm   CALVES (175) Auctioneer: Stuart Richards            David Edwards A bumper trade in calves today with trade were we would expect given the general feel for things right across the country.   Topping the beef section was a real smart example of a blue from Mr Lloyd of Caersws which at only 15 days old smashed over the line at £338. James Meddins had the next best Blue at £250 with the Povalls of Elsich Barn Farm not far behind at £238. A Real smart Lim from the Jones of Weston Farm sold well to £248 at 2m’s old with Sims from the Darlingtons at £175. Natives were easier to sell with the best Angus from Neville Griffiths making £230 and Herefords from Messrs Williams doing £212. Fresians were back abit today with the best from Mr Jones of Habberley making £68, the best making £50 £60 and the rest around the £20-£30 mark.   Best heifers were a stronger trade with the best blues from J Hamer making £355 at 3m’s old and younger examples from Mr Roberts of Beechfield Farm doing £230 and another Mr Griffiths at £228. Quality natives were again easy to sell with the best Hereford from Mr Waring making £225. Lims from Messrs Povall to £200 and Sims from J Meddins to £180.   Could all vendors please check that the sex and breed of their calves is correct when applying for passports.   BULLS FRIESIAN (42) Ave £25.14 £68.00 GR & TT Jones £60.00 DI Jones   BRITISH BLUE (21) Ave £174.86 £338.00 HI & LJ Lloyd £250.00 J Meddins & Co £238.00 G & M Povall & Son   ABERDEEN ANGUS (7) Ave £115.00 £230.00 NC & SJ Griffiths £145.00 GR & TF Jones   HEREFORD (8) Ave £128.38 £212.00 AJ Williams £198.00 SK Lewis   CONTINENTAL (2) Ave £13.00 £14.00 Lady house farm   CHAROLAIS (1) Ave £100.00 £100.00 Eyton Farm   SIMMENTAL (4) Ave £147.50 £175.00 Darlington Farms £170.00 Darlington Farms   LIMOUSIN X (4) Ave £117.00 £248.00 GR & TF Jones £140.00 Darlington Farms   HEIFERS   BRITISH BLUE (24) Ave £168.71 £350.00 J Hamer £350.00 J Hamer   ABERDEEN ANGUS (6) Ave £96.17 £140.00 A & I  Crowther £105.00 RD Livestock   LIMOUSIN X (4) Ave £138.75 £200.00 G & M Povall £150.00 G & M Povall   HEREFORD X (6) Ave £107.17 £225.00 DA & PR Waring £128.00 JL Trow   SIMMENTAL (4) Ave £134.25 £180.00 J Meddins £162.00 A & I Crowther   FARM  MACHINERY DISPERSAL SALES 12TH OCTOBER 2018 - BERWICK ESTATE, SHREWSBURY   13th OCTOBER 2018 – HENDRE, LLANFAIR CAEREINION   DAIRY HERD DISPERSAL 150 HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN COWS & IN CALF HEIFERS On Behalf of AH Francis & Co, Cottage Farm, removed to Shrewsbury Livestock Auction TUESDAY 23RD OCTOBER   DAIRY HERD DISPERSAL 180 HOLSTEIN FRIESIAN IN MILK, IN CALF AND DRY COWS AND HEIFERS On Behalf of WP Rogers & Son  TUESDAY 30TH OCTOBER   MARKET START TIMES   Calves 10.00 am David Edwards – 07944 630786 Stuart Richards – 07971 125524 ___________________________________________   Lambs/ Hoggets’ 10.00am James Evans, 07581 552438 _____________________________________________________   Beef Cattle & Barren Cows/OTM Cattle 12.00 NOON   or immediately following the  Spring Lambs/Hoggets Jonny Dymond 07803 412617 ___________________________________   Dairy   11.15am Jonny Dymond 07803 412617 ____________________________________   Store Sheep 11.30am-12.00 Noon James Evans – 07581 552438 ______________________________________   Cull Ewes & Rams 15 minutes  after the sale of Lambs Nick Griffiths 07748 306442 ________________________________________   Weanlings 12.30 pm Jonny Dymond 07803 412617  David Edwards – 07944 630786  

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