Auctioneer:  Jonny Dymond Top Price £1350  

Only a small entry today with some vendors holding off due to other Local sales and next week’s special entry, which starts a very good calendar for the dairy ring. We look forward to seeing you in the coming weeks  

Tuesday 16th October 30 Fresh calved Holstein Friesians & Montbeliardes Cows and Heifers form JR Jones & Co Burwarton


Dairy Heifer N/Calve Fries 37mo   £1350.00 RR & VI Evans  Fries 30mo   £1280.00 RR & VI Evans Fries 28mo   £1280.00 M & J & E Hughes   BARREN COWS/OTM’S (45)  Auctioneer   Jonny Dymond Top £1144.80 or 143ppk Ave £579.72 or 89.59ppk   A good entry of barren cows this morning as the autumn starts to bring numbers, we can report an average of 10 pence back on the previous week, this would be as much a reflection on the quality of the entry as it would be the purchasing power with a higher proportion on small and plain cows. Premium raced away to 143ppkg for a snorting non farm assured cow blue cow from JB Griffiths which returned £1038, the top of the day was a South Devon (NA) weighting 954kg making 120ppk or £1144.80.    Dairy Cows sold to a top of 139ppk or £834 for Mark Hughes of Criggon, closely followed to 135ppk (£893.70) for SE Roberts and co of Ford. Top lump for the dairy came for a Richard Bowdler Ltd, being £908.50 or 115ppk.    Fed cows and those with meat a real premium and demand was very similar to previous weeks, big plain cows from 82-99p today while small and plain cows sold from 55-75ppkg    

MORE PLEASE, FARM ASSURED, NON ASSURED, BRITISH OR FOREIGN WE HAVE TRADE FOR THEM ALL.    REMEMBER IF YOUR TB FREE YOU DO NOT NEED TO TB TEST YOUR COWS TO BRING THEM TO MARKET!!    NOW THE TRADE IS BOUNCING BACK IF YOU HAVE COWS TO SELL DO NOT HEISTATE TO DROP SOME IN THE PLACE WHERE YOU GET ALL YOUR WEIGHT!!   BARREN COWS S/Dev 66mo 954kg £1144.80 Bb x 92mo 726kg £1038.18 Fries 50mo 790kg £908.50   BARREN BULL Hfd  x 85mo 980kg £931.00   BARREN STEER Lim x 38mo 482kg £327.76     WEANLINGS (180) Top Bulls £725   Top Steers £535 Top Heifers £645   Another good show of weanlings today, with an increased sample of Suckler bred cattle bringing different buyers to the ringside, buyers wanting to source quality cattle today with some small and plain animal hard to place.  

The Sale kicked off with the breeding cattle section where bulls sold to £1900 for a Pure Bred Lim for E Davies and Son, Cows and Calves to £990 for Alastair Price, for a blue with Blonde bull calf at foot.   Young Bulls included a run of 6mo from Fred Karle, which sold to a top of £725 (1) and £700 (4) for Limousins while a single Charolais from the same home achieved £650, Dairy bred Hereford Bulls sold to £495 for Neil Morgan at 6mo while a pen of 3 Friesian bulls from Neville and Ben Griffiths sold for £355 at 7 months old.   

Steers today were topped by the ongoing run from Richard Fairbanks at £535 for a 9mo Blue steer, this was closely followed by pens of lovely blue from Richard Clarke of Corner  from 470-525 at 7-10 months of age. Dairy Bred Lims sold to £460 for G Whitley of Borras, Angus at 6 months old again from JG & RG Clarke achieved £440. Young blues at 3mo from RD Livestock sold for £350  

Heifers were in keen demand today with the Limousins from Fred Karle topped the runs from £590-£645, The rest of the entry was dominated by Blues which sold to £530 for I Richards of Park Farms 12mo models while some 8mo sorts from Neville and Ben Griffiths achieved £505, 6 month old blue from Neil Morgan £410, Hereford heifers look good value at overall selling to a top of £400 for I Richards of Park Farm, Angus Heifers at 7 months old from JG & RG Clarke achieved £370, Spring born Angus from David and Rachel Lee sold to £350.   

Our next weanling sale coincides with the Annual sale of South Devon Cattle on the 23rd October, early entries include a fantastic group of 10 x Blue & AA Steers for Matt Edgerton.   WEANLING STEER Bb x 10mo £535.00 RF Fairbanks Bb x 10mo £525.00 JG & RG Clarke Bb x 10mo £520.00 JG & RG Clarke   WEANLING HEIFER Lim x 7mo £645.00 F karle Lim x 7mo £635.00 F Karle Lim x 7mo £605.00 F Karle   WEANLING BULL Lim x 9mo £725.00 F Karle Lim x 7mo £700.00   x4 F Karle Lim x 7mo £650.00   x2 F Karle   BREEDING BULL Lim x 21mo £1900.00 E Davies & Son   SPRING LAMBS (651) Auctioneer:  James Evans Overall Average:  177.5pp/kg   A disappointing entry of Spring Lambs met with a firmer trade, resulting in an overall average of 177.5pp/kg which was 16½pp/kg up on last weeks and 7½pp/kg UP on yesterdays local market.  Top price of the day was 205pp/kg (£90.00) for quality 44kg Lambs presented by Doreen Hanselman, Knapps Farm, Westbury followed by 195pp/kg (£83.80) for 43kg Lambs from the same Vendor.  

The top price per head was £92.50 (162pp/kg) for 57kg Lambs presented by R S & S M Thomas, Longacres.   MORE LAMBS PLEASE 32.1-39kgs 35.5kgs      186ppk     £66.00 I Ainsworth 35.0kgs      184ppk     £64.50 D A J Manning 35.5kgs      182ppk     £64.50 G R Horton   39.4-45.5kgs 44.0kgs      205ppk     £63.00 M G & M N Hanselman 43.0kgs      195ppk     £83.80 M G & M N Hanselman 42.0kgs      186ppk     £78.00 Harper Adams   45.6-52kgs 47.5kgs      189ppk     £90.00     M G & M N Hanselman 48.0kgs      185ppk     £89.00 M J & R J Lewis 48.0kgs      181ppk     £86.80 I Roberts   52+kgs 54.0kgs      163ppk     £87.80 C J & H M Evans 53.0kgs      163ppk     £86.50 V & J Properties Ltd 57.0kgs      162ppk     £92.50 R S & S M Thomas   CULL EWES & RAMS (336)   Auctioneer:   James Evans A reduced entry of culls this week compared with last week. Larger leaner sorts still sold well, but with a greater demand for larger meated sorts it proved difficult to sell poorer sorts. The top price of the day going to a pen of 4 Shropshire Tups presented by Crows of Strawberry fields farm. The killing ewes average was down from last week at £37.10, whereas the tups were up on the previous week with an average of £67.33.  

CULL EWES £79.00 RS Bebb £78.00 RE Beedles £77.50 RE Beedles   RAMS £80.00 Crows Agriculture £74.00 RS Bebb   PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THE ARAMS OFFICE HAVE RELOCATED BACK TO MILTON KEYNES   ANIMAL REPORTING & MOVEMENT SERVICE  (ARAMS) PO BOX 6299  MILTON KEYNES MK10 1ZQ   STORE SHEEP  Auctioneer   Nick Griffiths Only a modest entry of 300 this week but still a decent trade with an improvement in the Prime Lamb trade there was more demand for stores.   Store Lambs topped at £60.50 from P T Jones for strong Texels, with Texel Tup Lambs to £60.20 from M T Williams. Texel Ewe Lambs to £60.20 from M T Williams.  Texel Ewe Lambs sold to £58.20 from Nick Woolley with smaller longer keep types to £47.50.  Welsh Tup Lambs traded around £31.50.   A sprinkling of Breeding Ewes saw Full Mouthed Suffolks to £89 with small Beulahs to £70 for young Ewes.  Full Mouthed Welsh Mules looked a decent trade at £65.    

We have a catalogued sale next week, further entries invited. Breeding Ewes   £97.00 D A J Manning   £89.00 J H Fitton & Son   £81.00 J H Fitton & Son   Ewe Lambs   £52.00 L D Pryce   Store Lambs   £60.50 P T Jones   £60.20 M T Williams   £58.20 N Woolley   CALVES (81) Auctioneer: Stuart Richards            David Edwards     The bull of the day was an exceptional blue from the Garmstons at £295 with another 3 from Mr Morgan of Hillside Farm making £290, £275 and £265 apiece. Lims from the Shinglers of Severn Springs where up to £232 and one from Mr Gunnery of Blue Barn Farm sold to £230. Charollais from The Dales of Newnham Farm where up to £190 and Sims from Mr Potter of Wood Farm did £172. There was a strong trade on the best Angus’s too with the top prize going to Mr Ellis of Byrth Farm who sold to £238 two times over. A nice welsh black from the Garmstons made £215 and a lovely bunch of Herefords from Mr Johnson of Parkfields Farm topped out at £210. Friesians were stronger money today with the very best from Mr Clarke of Bicton making £95 and another from Mr Price of the same parish making £85. Mediums to £50 and smalls up to £30.  

Heifers weren’t too bad a trade either with the best blue, again form the Garmstons making £270. Mr Morgan had the next best blue at £230 whilst Charollais from the Dales were up to £200. Lims to £162 from Mr Gunnery and Sims from the Dales to £160. Another good run of Herefords from Mr Johnson topped out at £230 with Angus’s to £155 from the Griffiths of Wingfield House.   

PROPOSALS FOR A FRIESIAN SECTION TO BEGIN THE SALE??   It has been suggested that as of the 30th October, we move to a system whereby all of the Friesian calves are penned separately and sold at the beginning of the sale to help with the flow of the day. Any comments either for or against would be greatly appreciated via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or in person next week.  

COULD ALL VENDORS PLEASE CHECK THAT THE SEX AND BREED OF THEIR CALVES IS CORRECT WHEN APPLYING FOR PASSPORTS.   BULLS FRIESIAN (29) Ave £33.24 £95.00 JG & RG Clarke £85.00 HP Price & Sons   BRITISH BLUE (10) Ave £236.00 £295.00 GJ Garmston £290.00 P & SJ Morgan   ABERDEEN ANGUS (4) Ave £152.00 £238.00 R & E Ellis x2 £72.00 JDJ Allmark   HEREFORD (9) Ave £167.89 £210.00 MR Johnson £180.00 MR Johnson   WELSH BLACK (1) Ave £215.00 £215.00 GJ Garmston   CHAROLAIS (1) Ave £190.00 £190.00 AC & AJ Dale   SIMMENTAL (3) Ave £144.00 £172.00 G Potter & Son £165.00 AC & AJ Dale   LIMOUSIN X (2) Ave £231.00 £232.00 EM Shingler & Son £230.00 PK Gunnery   HEIFERS   BRITISH BLUE (9) Ave £186.11 £270.00 GJ Garmston £220.00 P & SJ Morgan   ABERDEEN ANGUS (5) Ave £70.40 £155.00 NC & SJ Griffiths £80.00 NC & SJ Griffiths LIMOUSIN X (1) Ave £162.00 £162.00 PK Gunnery   HEREFORD X (3) Ave £196 £230.00 MR Johnson £198.00 MR Johnson   SIMMENTAL (1) Ave £160.00 £160.00 AC & AJ Dale   CHAROLIAS X £200.00 AC & AJ Dale                                 MOBILE MILL MIXING ROLLING OR GRINDING MOLASSES APPLIED IF REQUIRED AUGER OR PNEUMATIC DISCHARGE CALL GRAHAM DOWNES – 07970 555929 Please Like Us On Facebook Search for Halls Livestock and Machinery Sales for up to date News, Catalogues and Market Reports                           FARM ASSURANCE (FABBL) IT IS BECOMING  INCREASINGLY IMPORTANT THAT ALL SLAUGHTER STOCK IS SOLD FROM FARM ASSURED HOLDINGS         LANYON BOWDLER MARKET OFFICE IS OPEN EVERY TUESDAY MORNING  10AM TO 12.30PM  

If you have any legal questions or issues – farming related or not please pop along to the office for a chat. Alternatively, contact  Susan Shanahan on 01743 280296             

MARKET START TIMES   Calves 10.00 am David Edwards – 07944 630786 Stuart Richards – 07971 125524 ___________________________________________   Lambs/ Hoggets’ 10.00am James Evans, 07581 552438 _____________________________________________________   Beef Cattle & Barren Cows/OTM Cattle 12.00 NOON   or immediately following the  Spring Lambs/Hoggets Jonny Dymond 07803 412617 ___________________________________   Dairy   11.15am Jonny Dymond 07803 412617 ____________________________________   Store Sheep 11.30am-12.00 Noon James Evans – 07581 552438 ______________________________________   Cull Ewes & Rams 15 minutes  after the sale of Lambs Nick Griffiths 07748 306442 ________________________________________   Weanlings 12.30 pm David Edwards – 07944 630786 Jonny Dymond 07803 412617 _________________________________________   For information out of office hours Please contact Jonny Dymond 07803 412617 James Evans 07581 558438         150 BALES OF ROUND WHEAT STRAW FOR SALE CONTACT NICK GRIFFITHS 01743 462620       FODDER TO BE SOLD AT  12noon  Tuesday 16th Oct (following the calves) 9 x 6 string bales of Haylage More entries welcome  

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