REPORT FOR THE STORE CATTLE THURSDAY 11TH OCTOBER 2018 STORE CATTLEA pleasing Catalogue entry of 300 Store Cattle with a wide variety of breeds, ages and quality on offer. There really was something for everyone! We were concerned as to how many Buyers were going to appear, as there have been less around over the last couple of weeks. Thankfully our fears were unfounded as there were 27 buyers around the ring and the trade was good, especially in view of the current economic climate and the price of feed and bedding. There were no Feeding Bulls forward this week, so we were straight into the Store Cattle, of which there were 271 head that turned up, with a few not forward for various reasons. 116 Steers sold to an overall average of 189 p/kilo and £932 a head. They sold from 86p/kilo to 234.4 p/kilo and from £370 a head up to £1300 a head. The demand was greatest for the bigger Steers and the best quality smaller ones. There were some good strong Steers which sold to a top of £1305 for a Limousin Steer weighing 695 kilos at 19 months and presented by Katherine Croft. Katherine also took the second and third places in the Steers with £1235 (615 kilos - 19m) and £1215 (550 kilos - 17m). Native breeds also topped at just over the £1200 with an Aberdeen Angus Steer from Mr Phil Gittins selling for £1210 (660 kilos - 23m). Hereford Steers sold to £1140 (630 kgs - 29m) from Mr Len Lockley. Charolais x Steers sold to £1120 from M/s R & EM Lightfoot . A good quality run of Steers from M/s MB & M Evans sold to a top price per kilo of 234.4p for a Limousin x Steer. A super bunch of Pure Charolais steers from M/s RJ & GD Talbot sold to 227.9 p/kilo. Aberdeen Angus Steers sold to a top price per kilo of 218p from M/s R & EM Lightfoot. A good numbers Steers sold to in excess of 200p/kilo. 157 Heifers sold to an overall average of 160p/kilo and £654 a head, which included a large run of Aberdeen Angus X New Zealand Friesian Heifers. Heifers sold from a low of 88.9p/kilo up to a high of 233.8p/kilo and from £300 a head to £1095 a head. Limousins took the top spots with £1095 (505 kgs - 19m) and £1020 (540 kgs - 19m) and were both presented by Katherine Croft. Also of note was a Lim x Heifer from M/s WN & MJ Wyke which sold for £975 (470 kilos - 16m). Native breed Aberdeen Angus Heifers sold to £960 (490 kgs - 19m) from M/s JW & J Richardson as well as the same price for 570 kgs at 23m from Mr S T Morris. British Blue Heifers sold to £920 (520 kgs - 23m) from Mr P O Gittins. Lim x Heifers sold to a top price of 233.8p/kilo for a super Heifer from Mr M D Williams. This was closely followed by 225.4 p/kilo for another Lim x Heifer presented by M/s WN & MJ Wyke. We are pleased to report that it was a better trade than initially expected and it was good to see a decent number of buyers around the ring. The next sale will be held on Thursday 1st November 2018 and we look forward to receiving your entries for what is expected to be a good sale. NEXT SALE 1ST NOVEMBER – 10.30AMTB SALE 24TH OCTOBER – 4.00PM Steers Per HeadLimousin19mo 695kg £1305 K M Croft19mo 615kg £1235 K M Croft Aberdeen Angus23mo 660kg £1210 P O Gittins20mo 510kg £980 M J & E A Jones British Blue24mo 620kg £1145 L Lockley16mo 570kg £1080 T W & A L Littler Hereford29mo 630kg £1140 L Lockley23mo 545kg £1020 S & B Lawrence & Co Simmental23mo 590kg £1120 J A & R Bowers21mo 565kg £1050 J W & J Richardson Charolais19mo 560kg £1120 R & E M Lightfoot25mo 520kg £1060 R & E M Lightfoot Blonde D’ Aquitaine17mo 515kg £985 T G Price Saler17mo 490kg £980 R & E M Lightfoot Heifers per headLimousin19mo 505kg £1095 K M Croft19mo 540kg £1020 K M Croft Aberdeen Angus19mo 490kg £960 J W & J Richardson23mo 570kg £960 S T Morris British Blue23mo 520kg £920 P O Gittins22mo 515kg £905 S T Morris Blonde D’ Aquitaine16mo 470kg £915 M J & R J Lewis Simmental29mo 550kg £870 F R A Shingler24mo 485kg £820 G Passant Charolais18mo 420kg £835 R & E M Lightfoot Hereford20mo 455kg £780 R H Lewis & Son Swedish Red23mo 675kg £840 P O Gittins Steers Per KiloLimousin16mo 465kg 234.4p M B & M Evans17mo 550kg 220.9p K M Croft Charolais18mo 430kg 227.9p R J & G D Talbot15mo 445kg 219.1p R & E M Lightfoot Aberdeen Angus15mo 445kg 218.0p R & E M Lightfoot17mo 435kg 195.4p Beechcliff Farm Partners Saler17mo 490kg 200.0p R & E M Lightfoot British Blue24mo 475kg 192.6p W J Roberts & Co17mo 450kg 190.0p M D Williams Blonde D’ Aquitaine17mo 515kg 191.3p T G Price16mo 485kg 189.7p M J & R J Lewis Hereford17mo 455kg 191.2p M J & E A Jones Simmental23mo 590kg 189.8p J A & R Bowers Heifers Per KiloLimousin16mo 370kg 233.8p M D Williams16mo 425kg 225.9p W N & M J Wyke Blonde D’ Aquitaine13mo 370kg 208.1p M J & R J Lewis16mo 470kg 194.7p M J & R J Lewis Charolais18mo 420kg 198.3p R & E M Lightfoot British Blue22mo 450kg 196.7p B D & M A Price22mo 420kg 191.7p F G & A M Windsor Aberdeen Angus19mo 490kg 195.9p J W & J Richardson19mo 485kg 185.6p J W & J Richardson Simmental22mo 405kg 172.8p P & C Kynaston17mo 360kg 170.8p M D Williams

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