A decent entry of 290 cattle were forward for the last sale of the month of October and despite there being a good number of buyers around the ring, the trade was definitely easier, especially on the second quality sorts. Despite the fact the trade was easier, there were some good quality sorts on offer and some impressive prices achieved.

150 steers sold to an average price of 167.35p/kilo and £747.62, with a top price per kilo of 231.8p and a top price per head of £1195. The top price in the lump of £1195 went to a South Devon X Steer weighing 675 kilos, presented by L Higgins and Mrs M Boston. British Blue x steers sold to a top of £1155 for an 18 month old steer weighing 555 kilos and presented by M/s EG & AM Edwards. Other British Blues sold to £1120 (530 kilos - 17m) from M/s Corfield - McCowan and £1095 (575 kilos - 20m) from Mr S W Brown.

Native breeds topped out at £1070 (635 kilo - 26m) for a Hereford X Steer presented by L Higgins and Mrs M Boston. Also of note in the Herefords was £1060 (615 kilos - 23m) from Mr AJE Mansell and £1050 (610 kilos - 26m) from G Hollinshead. Aberdeen Angus steers sold to £975 (455 kilos - 19m) from Mr R Lightfoot.

Charolais X Steers sold to a top price of £1035 (455 kilos - 18m) from Mr R Lightfoot, who also recorded £1020 (440 kilos - 15m).

Steer sold to a top price per kilo of 231.8p for a bunch of Charolais X steers weighing 440 kilos at 15m and presented by Mr R Lightfoot. The same vendor also recorded 227.5p/kilo, again for Charolais X Steers (455 kilos - 18m). British Blue x steers sold to a top price per kilo of 214.4p kilo for a super British Blue steer weighing 485 kilos  and presented by M/s Corfield - McCowan. Aberdeen Angus x Steers sold to a top price per kilo of 214.3p kilo from Mr R Lightfoot. Limousin X steers sold to a top price per kilo of 214.4p for a quality sort weighing 485 kilos and presented by M/s EG & AM Edwards.

131 heifers sold to an overall average of 166.15p kilo and £710.59, with a top price per kilo 231.8p/kilo and a top price per head of £1000. The top price per head and per kilo went to the same run of good quality heifers, which were a great couple of pairs of Limousin x presented by M/s R J Slater & Son. These were £1000 (435 kilos - 19m) and £985 (425 kilos - 19m). Charolais x heifers sold to £980 (540 kilos - 28m) from Mr S W Brown. British Blue heifers to £970 (540 kilos - 27m) from the same vendor. Hereford X heifers sold to £930 (585 kilos - 29m) from Mr FRA Shingler. Aberdeen Angus x heifers sold to £870 (530 kilos - 26m).

Charolais x heifers sold to 216.3p/kilo (430 kilos - 16m) and 214.5p/kilo (415 kilos - 14m) both from Mr R Lightfoot. A good number of heifers sold to in excess of 200p/kilo.

On the whole, not a bad day where the best cattle were a good trade and the second quality were harder to sell, but this is how it is everywhere, and unfortunately the younger/ smaller cattle are currently bearing the brunt of the Brexit uncertainty, as no one knows how the trade will be next year when they are selling the younger cattle. We can only hope and “keep buggering on” (as the great) Winston Churchill once said. Things could be better……….., but they can always be worse, so look on the bright side and get your entries in for the next sale on Thursday 15th November.

Many thanks for your continued support!



Steers Per Head         


18mo   485kg                  £1040                  E G & A M Edwards

26mo   590kg                  £1025                  S W Brown

Aberdeen Angus

19mo   455kg                  £975                    R Lightfoot

26mo   495kg                  £970                    R Lightfoot

British Blue

18mo   555kg                  £1155                  E G & A M Edwards

17mo   530kg                  £1120                  Corfield – McCowan

20mo   575kg                  £1095                  S W Brown

20mo   680kg                  £1085                  L Higgins & M Boston

19mo   535kg                  £1070                  E G & A M Edwards

18mo   495kg                  £1045                  Corfield – McCowan

18mo   485kg                  £1040                  Corfield – McCowan

22mo   505kg                  £1025                  G L Evans


26mo   635kg                  £1070                  L Higgins & M Boston

23mo   615kg                  £1060                  A J E Mansell

26mo   610kg                  £1050                  G Hollingshead


27mo   595kg                  £1035                  S W Brown


18mo   455kg                  £1035                  R & E M Lightfoot

15mo   440kg                  £1020                  R & E M Lightfoot

Heifers per head


19mo   435kg                  £1000                  R J Slater & Son

19mo   425kg                  £985                    R J Slater & son

20mo   470kg                  £970                    S & B Lawrence

16mo   430kg                  £930                    R J Slater & Son

24mo   435kg                  £915                    S E Roberts

19mo   470kg                  £905                    S & B Lawrence

23mo   450kg                  £875                    F Theobold

22mo   550kg                  £865                    R E Morgan

24mo   425kg                  £855                    R J Slater & Son

Aberdeen Angus

26mo   530kg                  £870                  J & V Hancock

British Blue

27mo   540kg                  £970                  S W Brown                      

27mo   515kg                  £930                  S W Brown                      

22mo   485kg                  £880                  G L Evans         


28mo   540kg                  £980                  S W Brown

16mo   430kg                  £930                  R Lightfoot

14mo   415kg                  £890                  R Lightfoot


29mo   585kg                  £930                  F R A Shingler

23mo   615kg                  £850                  A J E Mansell

Steers Per Kilo


18mo   485kg                  214.4p                E G & A M Edwards

18mo   445kg                  207.9p                M & K Brown & Son

18mo   420kg                  207.1p                M & K Brown & Son

20mo   425kg                  200.0p                S E Roberts

18mo   355kg                  194.4                   M & K Brown & Son


15mo   440kg                  231.8p                R & E M Lightfoot

18mo   455kg                  227.5p                R & E M Lightfoot

Aberdeen Angus

19mo   455kg                  214.3p                R & E M Lightfoot

26mo   495kg                  196.0p                R & E M Lightfoot


16mo   425kg                  192.9p                R & E M Lightfoot

British Blue

18mo   485kg                  214.4p                Corfield- Mc Cowan

17mo   530kg                  211.3p                Corfield- Mc Cowan

18mo   495kg                  211.1p                Corfield- Mc Cowan

18mo   555kg                  208.1p                E G & A M Edwards

23mo   460kg                  206.5p                S E Roberts

22mo   505kg                  203.0p                G L Evans

22mo   505kg                  203.0p                G L Evans

19mo   535kg                  200.0p                E G & A M Edwards

Blonde D’ Aquitaine

17mo   440kg                  205.0p                W G & S Jones


20mo   485kg                  194.8p                H Heath & Sons

Heifers Per Kilo


19mo   425kg                  231.8p                R J Slater & Son

19mo   435kg                  229.9p                R J Slater & Son

16mo   430kg                  216.3p                R J Slater & Son

24mo   435kg                  210.3p                S E Roberts

20mo   470kg                  206.4p                S & B Lawrence

24mo   425kg                  201.2p                R J Slater & Son

25mo   395kg                  194.9p                M & K Brown & Son

23mo   450kg                  194.4p                F Theobold

17mo   405kg                  193.8p                M & K Brown & Son

19mo   470kg                  192.6p                S & B Lawrence


16mo   430kg                  216.3p                R & E M Lightfoot

14mo   415kg                  214.5p                R & E M Lightfoot

16mo   425kg                  214.1p                R & E M Lightfoot

20mo   415kg                  203.6                   R & E M Lightfoot

28mo   540kg                  181.5                   S W Brown

British Blue

20mo   475kg                  194.7p                Corfield – McCowan

22mo   485kg                  181.4p                G L Evans

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