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Rent Reviews

A rent review is a key event in the life of a lease. For a landlord, it is a chance to increase income and in so doing, increase investment value. For a tenant, it is a time to minimise overheads as much as possible.

We have access to a comprehensive database of transactional data and can advise on the best strategy whether you are a landlord or a tenant. We can guide you through the process and ensure that you do not get caught in any pitfalls. Our expert negotiators can ensure you the best possible outcome.

Lease Renewals

A lease renewal is a key event in the life of a lease, a chance to reassess and fine tune for both parties. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, leases can contain many hidden elements which can be disadvantageous to either party. Halls Commercial has an excellent track record of guiding our clients through this process so please talk to us about your lease renewal.


The team at Halls Commercial is experienced in dilapidations negotiations. If you are a landlord, we can provide a comprehensive assessment of dilapidations at any point during the lease term, in order to assist with a variety of lease negotiations.

If you are a tenant, we can help you to understand your potential dilapidations liabilities before you serve a lease break or begin renegotiations. We then work with you to develop a strategy to manage risk and minimise your dilapidations liabilities.

Public Sector

Halls Commercial works with public sector organisations to maximise the value of their estates in order to continue to develop their facilities for generations to come. Our experience within the healthcare, local council and education sectors enables us to reduce costs without impacting on the organisation’s ability to provide services at a high level.


Halls have extensive experience helping schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions. Our comprehensive advice includes:

  • Valuations
  • Trading analysis
  • Landlord and tenant
  • Building consultancy

We off agency advice to the independent, maintained, higher and further education sectors for clients that include charities, banks and local authorities.

Rating Advice

Halls Commercial regularly works with a number of property owners and occupiers to reduce their business rate liabilities to a minimum. Our years of experience in this sector means our team can offer realistic appraisals of the level of savings you may be able to achieve and a solid understanding of the best strategies to realise these savings.


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