Benevolent Donation To Hospital Ward

In December we visited Royal Shrewsbury Hospital to meet with some of the staff who operate the dementia ward. Shrewsbury and Telford hospitals have had a hard time with the media recently and yet what we saw were staff working hard and patients who were grateful for tireless efforts.

Our visit was to give a donation to the dementia ward. It is a ward that has helped family members of our staff and that helps many throughout the region. There were 312 dementia inpatients at the hospital when we visited. Some there because it was the only safe place for them and others because they needed help before going back to their home.

Meeting with Karen Breese, Dementia Clinical Specialist, made us aware of how many developments have been made by research and how many new techniques were being used to help care for those with dementia. The use of dolls and toy dogs to act as companions, DVD players that played archive footage to help patients relate to things that seemed more familiar and even flashing plastic cups that light up to remind them to drink because dehydration is so common, was all extremely interesting.

David Giles, Halls Managing Director, and Jeremy Lamond, Fine Art Director, visited the hospital to present a cheque to Karen and her colleagues. The cheque was for £4000. This, we were told, was such a generous donation that it would complete the ward’s aim of providing flashing cups to every patient and cut the risk of dehydration in the hospital dramatically. Karen said,

‘We can roll out the flashing cups to all the patients in every ward. Hydration is so important to dementia patients and these cups really help remind them to drink. It really will make all the difference, thank you so much.’

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