We have over 20 years experience and plenty of case studies and comparable evidence to demonstrate how we can help clients in this area.

Our services include

  • Negotiation of terms for new mobile phone masts
  • Rent reviews
  • Negotiation of terms for lease renewals

The introduction of the Electronic Communicating Code in 2017 has totally transformed the industry and now the balance has been tipped more towards the operator. Lease renewals and new sites from 2018 onwards will be subject to operators driving a hard line, particularly on rents.

Site owners need to look very carefully at their leases before rent reviews and lease renewals. Operators will now be happy to push a site provider for low rents and threaten a tribunal in the background. Our advice is not to give in, we are here to help and can offer advice so get in touch today and we will connect you with one of our specialists.

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